About Us

Welcome to N. M. Chhotani Jewellers, the makers of the finest, high class, exclusive studded and plain gold jewellery of 21k and 22k. Always driven by ethics and integrity, the company has been known for uncompromising quality in jewellery since pre partition days. The innovative designs along with exclusivity, quality and excellent craftsmanship has enabled N. M. Chhotani to cater to an elite loyal clientele in its local retail as well as export operations. The company’s reverence to detail and quality has resulted in jewellery products like pieces of art of extreme exclusivity and durability; such which run down generations.

The company is one of the most reputed jewellers in the subcontinent and has been into the Jewellery trade since the early 1940s. Well known for high class, exclusive studded and plain Jewellery, the company is managed by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Chhotani family. N.M. Chhotani was established by the late Mr. Noor Muhammad (N.M.) Chhotani & Usman Chhotani in Ahmedabad India. After the death of Mr. Usman Chhotani in 1967, his son Mr. Shafi Chhotani took over the management affairs till his brothers Mr. Ahmed Chhotani and Mr. Mushtaq Chhotani joined him in the business. The company has been managed by all 3 brothers since then employing qualified designers and gemologists and a competent sales staff under them.

Currently, N. M. Chhotani has 3 retail outlets in Karachi; one in Dallas, U.S.A., a manufacturing facility in Karachi and regular exports to the U.A.E., U.K. and U.S.A.

Starting off from a small retail outlet in down town Karachi, the company now has a significant presence locally as well as internationally. In 1985 the company exported its first consignment of finished gold Jewellery to Abu Dhabi and since then has been regularly catering the whole of U.A.E. and U.K. market. In 1989, export to U.S.A. started and in 1990 a wholesale distribution outlet of high class finished Pakistani Jewellery was established in Los Angeles from where the whole U.S.A. market was served. In 2001, a retail outlet by the name of Chotani Jewelers was also set up in Dallas USA.